Silver Saints

Silver Saints Forward and Together !

If you haven’t hear about Silver Saints, it is the senior ministry of our church.  Most of us may have silver hair (some covered with dye!) but that doesn’t mean we are sitting around in our rocking chairs.

This group meets quarterly with a themed meeting, a meal, games, devotions and lots of good fellowship. 

Susan Ivins, Marlen and Dave Rose serving Rich Cockburn on Valentine’s Day.

We also do service projects in the community.  The last one we completed was reading to the children at Bridges.  Currently, because of social distancing, we have been unable to meet in person, but we are staying in touch through email.  If you’d like to get on the email list for updates, let Susan Ivins know at

Right now, our service project is supporting the Operation Shoebox ministry.  We have volunteer runners who are ready to pick up your items at the store or your home and bring them to the church.  We are anxiously waiting for our next in person meeting and will be sure to let you know about it. We hope that you can join us at that time.  We don’t care what your age is, but certainly we’ll be happy to see you!