A water purifying system was sent to the  Niquero Methodist Church in Cuba . It took a while installing it to the roof of the church.

This is the church closest to Media Luna Methodist Church that has the potential to get pure water to larger amounts of persons in the churches around there and the community as well.

(Picture of the purifier system, security cage and the red water tank next to them)

This system is capable of producing a continuous supply of water at the rate of 3 1/2 gallons per minute and can produce over 5,037gallons/day of safe, great tasting drinking water for less than one US cent per liter.

Niquero Church’s Pastor Yimmi saysl: “What a difference this water makes! We had even forgotten what pure water tasted like. Now we don’t have to get unclean water from wells and rivers”.

Everyone in the nearby churches and the community want to express their immense gratitude to those who made this possible.  May the Lord bless you abundantly!

Please continue praying for Pastora Misleydis, our sister church in Cuba, Media Luna Methodist Church and all our brothers and sisters there who tells us “In spite of the further difficulties and limitations that the  Corona-virus has imposed in our lives we rejoiced over and celebrated  our Lord and Savior’s birth with singing and “distancing” fellowship.  At Christmas eve service several persons gave their lives to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!  May the peace of God cover and bless you always”