Word of Encouragement

I am excited to be sharing with the congregation our “Red Letter Study.” We will begin with Luke, move thru Acts and finish with Revelation. The plan is to look at all of the things Jesus actually said so that we know His teaching. This will take a while to accomplish. I am encouraging everyone to purchase a red letter Bible or get one as a Christmas gift. We will have a case available for purchase starting in December. In a world where the truth seems to be whatever the loudest voice says it is, it is important that as Christians we actually know what Jesus said and try to orient our lives around that teaching. Luke is the perfect place to begin as the gospel of Jesus is propelled to all the nations and salvation made available to all. I want to encourage you to be a vital part of this study. Many of the Real Life Groups will be following the series, so get involved. Give your soul a chance to really know the voice of the savior.