Word of Encouragement

Chapter 8
Rise to the occasion. “I could never…” So many times I have heard someone say those words declaring they were not able to accomplish something. I used to get so nervous standing in front of a group to speak it would make me nauseous. How did I overcome the fear? At first I stood behind a written manuscript, then behind a pulpit. Now I have no barriers left. I guess you all know that because you keep moving away from the front row on fear I might call on you. Some even sit all the way in the overflow now not realizing I can still see them. When we are doing something for God instead of for ourselves, he always equips us and gives us the tools and the words that are needed for that moment in time. God does not leave us stranded. Sunday I challenged everyone to tell someone how they might be saved and I could see a few run into the fray while others were more reticent. I think we would all be surprised at the spiritual strength in us if we would just walk a little closer to the edge. Recently a friend showed me a rubber bracelet with the words “Follow Jesus” on them that he uses as a conversation starter. That is intentional and a great idea. Sometimes people just want someone to have a conversation with them about Jesus. If they want to talk about something else, they will let you know pretty quickly. I pray God put you in a place to initiate a conversation with someone about our Lord and Savior. Jesus died for my sins and I choose to follow him to heaven. He knows the way.
~Grace & Peace~
Pastor Ernie