Word of Encouragement

I have been moving these last couple of weeks and am noticing some aches and pains I did not have last time I moved, especially in my hands. I was not kind to my hands as a young man and have the scars to help me remember how foolish and impulsive I was. I broke 11 bones in my hands, my left pinky six times. Set it myself the last four times I broke it. When I was a young youth pastor, I would teach the teens a saying to help them make decisions: “You are fast becoming what you soon shall be.” I thought that might help some of them to think through something before they acted. Whew, I wish I would have taken my own advice. The pain in my hands reminds me of the lingering effect of sin in our earthly relationships. Sometimes something we did a long time ago still sits with us, we can feel it, it pains us as sin should. Perhaps the reminders keep us from repeating old patterns. I am thankful for a relationship with Jesus that empowers me to live through the pain of old sins. We should all be thankful we have a savior who forgives and heals. How miserable would it be to have to live permanently with the pain of sin? Thank you Jesus for providing a better way.

~Grace & Peace~
Pastor Ernie