Word of Encouragement

I saw a massive turtle in the lake by my apartment yesterday, one of the biggest fresh water turtles I have ever seen, a snapping turtle. As soon as my feet hit the sidewalk, he plunged into the water. I can only assume he felt the need to protect himself from me. He does not even know me. But I am guessing he knows my kind and enough of us have threatened his kind over the centuries that now the flight response is instinctive. I wonder how long it takes for us to have our instincts changed. When threatened by sin, just when will we instinctively hide away?

I saw a commercial on TV last night. Here is a quote, “No matter where the light goes, the darkness has always gotten there first.” We do not often think of Jesus’ time on earth as light entering the darkness. Perhaps we should. When Jesus enters the life of the disciples, do they even know they are living in darkness? Watching people in the world today, I would guess most of them knew something was amiss but were unsure about what it was or how to get it fixed. Nathaniel was just sitting under a fig tree; Peter was working; Andrew was home. Did they all know something was amiss in their life? My guess is, yes. Otherwise they would not have left everything to follow. So when did the light dawn for them?

The chance for hope walked right up to them and invited them on a journey. But the real light took years to shine. The real light took deep darkness. The real light required a cross. Only when hope seemed shattered did they give Jesus the room he needs to dawn a new hope. So where are we in our journey? The darkness always seems to be ahead of the light. The light once it shines shatters the darkness. The darker the day, the brighter the light. Settle down in the light, soak up the Son, and when danger comes, slide away.

~Grace & Peace~
Pastor Ernie