Habana Health Care Center

Our next planned art activity for Habana Health Care Center is planned for Saturday, July from 2- 3 pm. We are seeking volunteers to assist! Please contact the church office or terri.wesleycommunications@gmail.com if you are interested in being part of the team.

Our interactive art game planned in June was a great success! You can watch an instagram reel Here.

Promise Land Afternoon Matinee

Bring the kids  Sunday, June 26th for 2nd service (sign in at 11:00 am), after second service head over and enjoy our Churchwide Pot Luck Luncheon.After some fabulous nourishment we'll take the kids to Promiseland so that you can continue to enjoy spending time with each other and they can stay until 2:30 -2:45ish.We're goint to introduce the kids to Wallie!  The boxes may be a good idea still -- wanna build a robot ??????

Promise Land Afternoon Matinee

Pot Luck Dinner and Treasure Hunt

To conclude our study of Colossians we will have a Treasure Hunt and Pot Luck Dinner on Sunday, June 26 directly after the second service. Rumour has it that you will need to give Ernie all ten clues to get in for the Pot Luck! No worries though, Ernie has started dumbing it down for those of us who are a little slower! If you need to catch up on clues, you can revist sermons here!

Summer Bible Study


Our Summer Bible Study led by Leslie Berlin will begin Wednesday, May 4 and meet every Wednesday for six weeks. Both in person and online classes are available at 10:00 am and 6:30 pm.

We will have videos and discussions using the workbook from Andy Stanley’s book “Irrisistable”. You can pick up a workbook the first day of class for $11.00 or order one via Amazon.

To sign up, please contact Ceila Peters at 813-263-6521 or email at ceila.peters@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!

Camp Anderson

Camp Anderson logo

The God Gang had a great time in Mariana at Camp Anderson last year and looking forward to going again this June at the Vero Beach location!

We have 30 students registered and and are excited to announce we now have all  the scholarships needed!!! The Camp Tuition for each student is $275. This is a great price as it covers 5 days of room & board & food & ALL activities! 

Thank you to EVERYONE that has sponsored a student! You are a true blessing to a teen in a vital time on their faith journey! God sees you!

To learn more about the Wesley youth group, contact Nadia Nunez  thru text at 813-750-6696 or email nadianunez1357@gmail.com.