Words of Encouragement

In the midst of life there are a few moments we remember vividly. Sometimes sparked by a sound or a smell, a photograph or a curve in the road, these memories come at us like a flood. As I watched Brenda struggle to regain some function, open her hand, move her foot, then her leg and last week finally stand, I remembered so many things, like a flood they washed over me: family car rides to see the Christmas lights and coming home to home made chicken pot pie, canning green beans, hundreds of cans, picking rhubarb for strawberry rhubarb pie, the smell of home made bread as I came home from church. All of it came to me in an instant and I realized just how grateful I am for a life well lived. So much joy. And I was reminded how valuable it is to live today to the fullest. Yesterday I took Ezekiel with me to see if we could get Brenda in our car. She got in, what a huge relief. This morning when I got up, Ezekiel was already in the kitchen getting his breakfast. “What are you having?” I asked. He said, “bread dipped in grape juice. I have been doing this ever since Mema went into the hospital and now I am having a Holy time with God because she is getting better.” Be encouraged. God is active in our lives.

~Grace & Peace~
Pastor Ernie