We are officially in Lent now and I promised I would share some of my spiritual disciplines and exercises I practice during this season of the year.  Since Lent is a season of sacrifice and awareness, I fast during lent.  There are many different kinds of fasts and many reasons God’s people fast.  Sometimes we fast for discernment about a major decision or for healing both spiritual and physical.  Sometimes we fast for a friend or for direction.  Sometimes when people are grieving they fast.  Fasting is almost never an act of celebration.  It is meant for spiritual renewal, and that happens best with sacrificial decisions.  So we give up something for Lent, make a sacrifice.  And what is more, we dedicate resources to someone or something to empower the Kingdom of God.

I will be fasting every Monday and invite any who would like to join me.  I have already started preparing my body by downsizing portions and eliminating sugars.  Each week I will eat a light meal Sunday evening and then have nothing but water until Tuesday morning.  I plan to then make an offering of the money I normally would have spent on food ($2.06 every Sunday for an apple fritter for starters).  I fully expect this will total more than $100 by Easter.  That will be my offering for Lent.

Last year we focused our resources toward a ministry to the Ukranian people which became a ministry to refugees.  This year we are dedicating our resources toward a ministry to the Cuban people and specifically to purchase medicines that are scarce.  Each family and ministry is being challenged to raise funds from now thru Easter and all of the proceeds will be used to purchase medicines that will be sent through the district coordinator in Cuba and then distributed to the communities through the Methodist churches.  Together we can make a big difference.

~ Grace and Peace ~
Pastor Ernie