Word of Encouragement

Happy New Year Wesley. During this season, many of us look back at all we can celebrate and look forward to what night be in the days ahead. 2019 is going to be a most challenging and exciting year for us. In reading through Luke and preparing for upcoming messages, I know that chapters 9 and 10 are critical to understanding the good news of Jesus as Lord. Jesus tells the very busy Martha, “I discern that you are anxious about many things, but only one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the better way.” Mary chose to sit at the feet of Jesus. While Jesus visited her home, she knew it was time to put aside all business and worship. She sat there like a child at the feet of the rabbi and wanted to learn, to absorb the compassion and the love and the truth Jesus brought to her home. She had no time for housework or cleaning. Her business was with Jesus. I hope and pray we recognize that our priority is to sit at the feet of Jesus. For 2019 we will be focusing on coming into the presence of our Lord through worship and prayer. Sunday I look forward to sharing with you the first red letters in Luke. Bring your Bibles to church and be prepared to come into the presence of the Lord.

~Grace & Peace~
Pastor Ernie