Wesley Youth On the Move!

Wesley Youth On the Move!

Wesley Youth is still meeting virtually! 
Following the Spring Break, we have had 1 -2 virtual meetings per week.  Also, we invited all of the youth members to Wesley’s Live Facebook Lenten Services.  The good news is that we are certain that about 10 students have been attending regularly.   

We are using the Zoom Meeting App to host our weekly group session.  The first meeting was a bit chaotic!  Just imagine of 12 people talking all at the same time!!! Thankfully, the second meeting ran much smoother.  This time, we were able to implement some structure in our meeting and effectively use the best of our time. It certainly worked out for the best.  Following this structure, we have been able to complete most of the Wednesday night agendas. Even though it is just a shortened amount of time (40 minutes), it is amazing to see how God has created bonds between all of us.  Everyone was so excited to see each other!

Last week, Larry and I surprised the students by dropping off snack bags to their home.  We wanted to make sure they know that we love and miss them.  They LOVED it!!!  It was also great because we got to meet some parents that we never get to see!  We also sent the group words of encouragement through hand written cards.  It has been a blessing to us all to know that we are still united even though we are apart. 

This week we are inviting students to join in on a Bible Study through the You Version Bible App.  We always encourage students to serve one another, their families and communities.  There is always something we can do to lift another’s spirit.  Our theme song is by Toby Mac, “Light Shine Bright.”  The chorus goes like this, “Light shine bright everywhere you go music for the people to illuminate the soul.”  We are always telling them to let their LIGHT SHINE BRIGHT!  Click on LIGHT SHINE BRIGHT! to sing along.

God is good all the time, all the time God is GOOD! 

Nadia and Larry