Wesley Teams Up with International Volleyball Club

Wesley Teams Up With International Volleyball Club

Good News! Wesley has teamed up with International Volleyball Club to provide training and camps for young women in our community.

If you haven’t been inside the gym lately, you may have noticed a few more lines on the floor of the gym as we expanded from being able to host one volleyball game to two games. As our partners, IVC made this possible because they made a substantial investment in high-quality nets and poles. As partners, we agreed that other volleyball clubs can come and use the facility to train and compete. At the same time, if you know of any other volleyball clubs or league in your social networks that may be looking for a sports facility, tell them about our gym. Chip in a Good Word for Wesley’s facility!!

Many thanks to George Mummert of Wesley who did a fabulous job of drilling the holes that were needed, installing the sleeves to hold the net poles and the floor plates, and laying out the lines, which we provided.

Copy and paste the following link into the URL Address Field to see a short video of volleyball action in the gym – –

We praise God for His provision! Please contact Leslie Berlin for more information at leslieberlin@jpg.com