News from the Shepherding Team

As we complete our fifth month of providing a link to the church family and friends, the Shepherds have grown and expanded to be one of many new and exciting communication arms of Wesley Memorial. 

Our Shepherding Team include:

Pastor Post, Tom Edwards, Susan Ivins, Jean Rowe, Nancy Blunk, Shaun Black, Mary Lynne Gonzalez/Louise Coster, Paula Walker, Terri Davis, Janis/Herman Small, Karen Marotz, Ginny Winters, Sandra Robb, Lyn Heinz.

The Shepherds had a great surprise when Pastor Ernie joined our last Zoom Meeting.

He provided some insights into shepherding and how important it is to stay in contact with the church family. He also mentioned that he would Zoom with anyone who needed a call. So don’t be shy, set up a meeting with Pastor Ernie by yourself or with other individuals who would like to meet together with him.

Now going back to the Zoom meeting, some of the discussion items centered on singing, staying close to believers, and praying. Pastor Ernie also counseled us to remember that singing and praising God is something that the devil doesn’t like. Since the devil prefers us to be divided and separated from each other, we should stay close to other fellow believers and join in prayer for all of us to be spiritually victorious over this world. Let’s be one in the Lord and open our hearts to His Holy Spirit. 

During the Zoom meeting, we ask for feedback from from your Shepherds and we got some that include:  

“I call and leave messages and sometimes I hear back from people and sometimes I just call again. I’m not giving up!”

“If a call, email, or text doesn’t get a response I send out a very special church card to stay in touch with my flock.”

“It has been so much fun talking with people and meeting new friends and just being there for some older people.”

“Sometimes they just want to talk to someone and know that someone cares for them.”

“I feel like I’m the first line of communications with our church family.”

If you haven’t thought about it, think about inviting your friends and family in your communication network and watch the Sunday Worship Service or Pastor Ernie’s Coffee Hour on Tuesdays! Like Fran Mobley told us during last Sunday Morning Service that early in her Christian life, she did not have a mentor or anyone to explain how to be a Christian.  This may be a way for you to help someone grow closer to the Lord and other fellow believers.  Also please go to our official Facebook site wesleymemorialtampa or Website and remember to sign up at the bottom of the website for your current and exciting Weekly Newsletter! It is also the place to Live Stream Sunday Worship Service.

If you would like to participate as a Shepherd to make calls, send emails, write personal note and cards, visit, and share the love of Christ, please give Tom Edwards a call at 813-624-3816 or