Pack A Sack

The children are on Spring Break this week so there will be no delivery.

We are up to 116 children now, and from what we hear from the schools, this number should continue to grow during the last few months of the school year.  We feel blessed to be able to help Dickenson and Town n’ Country with the every day stresses these teachers, administration and parents feel with so many in need.  Please continue to pray for Pack a Sack, pray that the ministry will be able to continue again next school year, pray for the children and for the ones we haven’t yet reached and for their families.

People are asking how they can help over the next few months:

  • We are always in need of juice boxes and chef boyardee for our shelves
  • Go onto Amazon Smile and choose Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church (Tampa) as your charity.  Then go to AmazonSmile to do your usual Amazon Shopping.  Ask your friends and family to also choose Amazon Smile.  Most don’t know it’s even an option and they are happy to do it.
  • Talk with your employer about becoming a corporate sponsor for Pack a Sack.  We are still in need of a 2nd sponsor.  We’d love to talk with you about that or having your company adopt Pack a Sack for a month.
  • Plastic shopping bags (like Publix bags) – we go through a lot of bags (almost 1000 per month).  If you’d like to recycle the bags to the Pack a Sack program, we’d be happy to take those.

    Thank you for your support and prayers for this ministry.  We sincerely appreciate all of them!