Cuba Update

Cuba Update

With the generous donation collected last Sunday for Cuba, we’ve been able to send Pastora Misleydis and our Media Luna brothers and sisters some funds through the Florida Methodist Conference and also I am ordering some food to be delivered to the church (please pray these arrive safely). The rest of the funds were placed in a prescription medication order that is being placed for the district (see below) where Media Luna is located for a Medical Commission to allocate (& keep track of distribution) to the different churches.

My Cuban heart appreciates so much your love and concern in prayer and action toward my countrymen who are trapped in such a ruthless tyranny.

For any of you who didn’t get the opportunity to donate yet and still want to do so, please read the message below.

Many blessings,

Renee Kincaid


Food shortages are now at acute levels, but the shortages in medications is even worse.  The situation is truly bad there, in an unprecedentedly bad way. 

After the Cuban demonstrations, the Cuban government has now relaxed their restrictions of allowing medications to come into the island.  The Cuban government is only NOW allowing medications to come through without assessing additional tariffs or confiscating them.  This is a small and possibly short window of opportunity to get life saving medications down to assist our friends.  

The needs are so many (lack of food, medication for even preventable illnesses, huge spike in Covid cases and deaths) that only God can figure this out.  But this time we really need all of us to take action.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 by August 11th to send medications to all districts in Cuba.  Through Blessings International, a non-profit organization that supplies prescription medications to medical missions, the Cuba ministry is now able to secure life-saving prescription and over the counter meds at WHOLESALE PRICING!  The Bishop’s office in Havana has also labored and has now received permission from the Cuban government that they would expedite getting these meds through customs in a timely manner (it usually takes 2 days to get shipments to Havana and 3 months for them to go through customs…).  This is a huge opportunity! 
For those curious, these medications will go to specific doctors in the various district churches throughout Cuba.  Only qualified medical doctors can/will receive and administer these medications.  Keeping it real, and above reproach here. 

What can we do?  How can I help?

First, please keep praying for the churches, pastors, church leaders, and all of the believers in Cuba, that they would not live or react in fear but in love and generosity to their neighbors.
Second, help us hit this goal of raising these $10k to buy medicines and get these shipped to Cuba in a timely manner.
To help us hit this goal, go to

Click on “Give”

On the “Where would you like to give?” dropdown menu, choose District Funds 

Select “Sierra Maestra”

Then enter the amount and choose either a one-time gift or recurring

Follow the prompts from there

If you prefer, you may send me a check payable to the Florida Conference UMC with a note- Meds for Cuba and send to my address- 4520 Golfwood Blvd, Tampa, Fl 33634

Let’s do all we can to show God’s love to those who are in need.  We really CAN do something that will save lives right now.  By the way, God WILL supply, so don’t feel obligated but do consider joining in on the mission.