Walking the Mourners Path

Are you seeking comfort and healing after the death of a loved one?

The ministry of Walking the Mourners Path seeks to serve individuals who are in grief through a series of Eight Weekly Workshops.

Together in small group workshops individuals:

  • Acknowledge the pain and brokenness
  • Recognize that each journey through grief is unique
  • Share stories
  • Experience both tears and laughter
  • Find Healing and Joy Interested in attending the Eight Week Workshops

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church will host the workshops beginning Sunday, April 28th at 12:45pm. If you have questions about the program or wish to register for the workshops please contact Connie Pruitt (813) 494-4049 Pruitt2329@gmail.com

or call the church office at:
Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church
6100 Memorial Hwy. Tampa, FL 33635

Pack A Sack

The children are on Spring Break this week so there will be no delivery.

We are up to 116 children now, and from what we hear from the schools, this number should continue to grow during the last few months of the school year.  We feel blessed to be able to help Dickenson and Town n’ Country with the every day stresses these teachers, administration and parents feel with so many in need.  Please continue to pray for Pack a Sack, pray that the ministry will be able to continue again next school year, pray for the children and for the ones we haven’t yet reached and for their families.

People are asking how they can help over the next few months:

  • We are always in need of juice boxes and chef boyardee for our shelves
  • Go onto Amazon Smile and choose Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church (Tampa) as your charity.  Then go to AmazonSmile to do your usual Amazon Shopping.  Ask your friends and family to also choose Amazon Smile.  Most don’t know it’s even an option and they are happy to do it.
  • Talk with your employer about becoming a corporate sponsor for Pack a Sack.  We are still in need of a 2nd sponsor.  We’d love to talk with you about that or having your company adopt Pack a Sack for a month.
  • Plastic shopping bags (like Publix bags) – we go through a lot of bags (almost 1000 per month).  If you’d like to recycle the bags to the Pack a Sack program, we’d be happy to take those.

    Thank you for your support and prayers for this ministry.  We sincerely appreciate all of them!

GO Day Volunteers Needed!

Hello and blessings to you!

I’m writing to you to let you know that Wesley is having a GO Day this Saturday March 16th from 7am to 3pm.  I know you have a servants heart and wanted to make sure you knew about this opportunity.  The focus is on our campus.  There is much needed updating, cleaning and love that we will be giving our premises. We could use all hands on deck.  There will be small, easy projects to more laborious projects. We welcome families to help and there will probably be some projects that need to be finished during spring break.  I already have a family coming Monday the 18th to do some work if anyone is interested.  Also feel free to share this experience with friends and/or family that don’t come to Wesley!

  • There is a lot of pressure washing that need to be done, if anyone has a pressure washer can you please bring it on Saturday.
  • Pressure washing in the courtyard, outdoor hallways, entrances to the church and other areas.
  • We will be weeding, removing old plants, and planting new ones. (@ the front & side of church and playground planters)
  • We will be polishing the wood on the pews in the sanctuary.
  • We will be hanging shade sails.
  • We will be cleaning bathrooms and areas of the FLC.
  • We will be cleaning the choir room.
  • We will be painting planters.
  • We will be potting plants.
  • We will be hanging shade cloth around the pergola.
  • We need 2 or 3 people to work the kitchen to prepare and serve lunch.
  • There will be much more to do as well!  Please let me know if you’re interested!

Nadia M. Nunez Wood
813.750.6696 (I love texts!)

Pack A Sack Update

Blessings Overflowing

God continues to bless this ministry and we are now up to 111 children per week. We consider it a blessing to be able to help these children in need. With more children comes a lot more need on our end as well.

We continue to pray for another corporate sponsor or a one time donor. With 111 children it requires around $1,200/month even with food donations. Maybe you could consider just helping with the rest of the school year, which is 3 more months – it would be a tremendous blessing!

We are overwhelmed with Bridges Preschool as they have “adopted” PAS for the month of February. You may have seen the hearts taped to the walls around the school. It’s a grab a heart month at Bridges and the parents have really done a beautiful job with food donations. They are collecting food all month.  A Bridges section has been setup in the Pack a Sack room. It is overwhelming and JOYFUL to see what they have done in support of this ministry. If we’re in there when you walk by, pop in so we can share with you all they have done. It has been fun to partner with Nadia, Jen and the Bridges community. From the bottom of our HEARTS, we thank you!

We continue to work with the Girl Scouts (Please don’t forget to order cookies so we have enough to give each PAS child a box of cookies…), Community Montessori continues to do their food collections, and we’re gearing up for another FANTASTIC Hawk Walk with Tampa Day School. It takes all these wonderful partners to help this ministry reach far and wide.

On behalf of all the PAS volunteers, thank you for your prayers and support!

Pack a Sack Update & Info

The Pack a Sack team gets many questions about current needs, how to help, etc.  All great stuff! Here are a few answers:

  • We currently deliver 98 bags per week (54) to Dickenson and (44) to Town n’ Country.  We pray we can reach more children in need.
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Drivers are needed.  Deliveries are made on Fridays around 11:30am. If interested contact Shaun Black.
    • Pre-assembly and Pre-Packing – teams meet at different times based on schedule and inventory.  Pre-assembly teams  organize the shelves and food items for the next packing.
  • Sign-up for Amazon Smile – Proceeds benefit PAS.
  • Food donations  are needed year round.  A list of needs is located in the copy room (across from the office or just ask Jamie).  Just pick up 1 item every time you go to the store – it adds up quickly!
  • Become a monthly contributor or corporate sponsor. The monetary need to sustain this program is about $900+/mo.  This is why food donations and monetary donations are so important.  If your place of business, civic group or school would be willing to  do a 1 time donation or food drive, we’d be happy to discuss this opportunity.
  • Prayers – We are always grateful for prayers for the PAS children, for donors and for the teachers and administration that help us provide for these children.

Sharing Good News

Two local girl scout troops have chosen Pack a Sack as their “hometown hero” charity.  A portion of their proceeds will go to Pack a Sack….we’re also hoping to get some cookies for our bags.  STAND BY with more information on how you can order GS cookies from these troops.

A Community Montessori School has decided that our campaign “Kids Helping Kids is something they want to do year round, so they are collecting PAS items for the rest of the school year. We have already received 3 large collections from them since November. We are grateful for their help and involvement.

On behalf of all the volunteers – thank you!

Good News/Bad News….

The GOOD, EVEN GREAT news is that Pack a Sack is growing which means we  are reaching more children that so desperately need our help. We are delivering 98 bags now each Friday and we suspect that number will be over 100 after the new year. The Bad news it takes a lot of food and monetary donations to meet the monthly requirement to fill these bags. Filling 392 bags per month with 11-13 food items is about 3,700+ items, and it adds up really fast. With that, we are looking for another corporate sponsor that would like to get involved with Pack a Sack. We ARE BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE for our current corporate sponsor and have been able to joyfully grow and provide, but looking ahead with this new growth, we find we need additional help….a great problem to have right!!! If you are interested in helping with a monthly contribution or even an 1 time year end donation (tax deductible), we would certainly appreciate that help. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to give me a call – Jamie @ 813/967-3800 or jamiewas@tampabay.rr.com.

From all the PAS volunteers, thank you for your support and prayers!

Pack-A-Sack News

Christmas Blessings from all the Pack a Sack Volunteers.  We want to thank everyone for all the food donations, prayers and support for Pack a Sack this past year.  We feel so blessed to be able to reach these children and we couldn’t do it without all of you supporting this ministry. Don’t forget to Grab a Sack in the back and if you could pick up 1 or all items on the list, we’d certainly appreciate it.  We are busy restocking the shelves over these next few weeks while the children are on break.  You can also help us buy signing up for Amazon Smile and designating Wesley (all funds Go to Pack a Sack) as your preferred charity…. 

We wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas!

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Word of Encouragement

On June 22 and 23, 20 leaders from Wesley will be attending leadership training in Fort Meyers to encourage us and help us learn about Real Life Discipleship. Be in prayer for the leaders: Brad and Ali Hubbard, Steve and Lesley Holroyd, Leslie Berlin, James Pearson, Amy Dissler, Marilyn Preston, Rene and Pete Kincaid, Lester Pineda, Larry and Nadia (soon to be Wood), Bob and Jean Rowe, Iraeda Malpica, Jennifer Foster, Connie Pruitt, Brenda and Ernie Post. When we return, we will be having a commissioning service for the leadership and be launching our 20/20 vision, sharing the exciting work of God with the congregation. I am sensing a strong movement of God here at Wesley and a time of renewal and refreshment. As your pastor I want you to know how encouraging it is to me to be a part of such a fresh movement of God in the church. Each step along the way, God has affirmed our desire to make a difference and walk into the future with this new mission.

“Disciples who make disciples” will help us keep our focus on making a difference for others and push us to always be preparing someone else for tomorrow in their walk with Jesus. I am excited to see where God takes this leadership team. As always, I love being your pastor.

~Grace & Peace~
Pastor Ernie