Help Feed Our NOMADS Volunteers!

Help Feed Our NOMADS Volunteers!

The Nomads will be here at Wesley working on our renovations in the sanctuary, starting January 24th for about 6 weeks.  As a token of our appreciation we would like to provide them with lunch daily.  If you are interested in making/purchasing a light lunch for them, please contact Lyn Heinz to get on the schedule.  Thank you in advance! 

Lyn Heinz: 813-453-3208 or

A Christmas Blessing

A Christmas Blessing

Wesley, we did a beautiful thing this Christmas! We were able to help a family of 6 have an unforgettable Christmas. We were able to bless them with a Christmas meal and also raise $550 in gift cards and brand new bike for one of the children. We should all be proud that we can show up for others! This is what God is after. Below are some pictures of the children opening up their Christmas Gifts. The smiles and looks of surprise say it all. Thank you for being a church dedicated to others!

Here are some words from the mom of this family:

“I am overwhelmed!!! I’ve been so overwhelmed by His love and abundance through this time. If you only knew the season we were walking out of. We serve a faithful and abundant God. This is a blessing far beyond abundance! Blessings and love to all who took part in blessing our family! I am so overwhelmed!”

May we continue to bless others throughout this year.

Groups of 12

Groups of 12

Groups of 12

Our groups of 12 seek to study God’s truth as found through the scripture.  We ask questions and search together, support and care for one another’s soul; and in the words Paul wrote to Timothy,  allow the Scripture to “teach, rebuke, correct, and train us in righteousness.”  2 Timothy 3:16

Children       Wednesdays    6:15-8 pm                    Promiseland

                        Sundays           11:15-12:30                 Promiseland

Youth                        Wednesdays    6-8 pm                         Youth Room

                        Sundays 10-11 am                               Youth Room

                        Sundays  11:15-12:30                          Sanctuary

Women         CBS Wednesdays 9:15-11:30 am        FLC

                        CBS Wednesdays 6:15 -8pm               FLC

                        Ruth circle 1st Thursday of the month 10 am Craft room

                        Naomi Rebecca Circle 1st Tuesday of the month 7 pm

Men               Saturday 7-8 am                                 FLC

                        Wednesdays  6:30-7:30pm                 Multipurpose room

All                   Mondays 10-11 am (and zoom)          Multipurpose room

Online         Tuesday morning 7:30 am (also recorded and available thru the website)

                        Just like us on Facebook

Website has a lot of Bible Study resources for groups to use including the workbook 27/90, a read through the New Testament in 90 days, a complete study of the Gospel of Luke, Romans and more.  Check it out!

Pictures from Wesley’s Free Community Thanksgiving Meal

Pictures from Wesley’s Free Community Thanksgiving Meal

Joseph & Ms. Jess preparing Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie!
The “Baker” Ms. Laura & Earl
Ali & Lacey were such a huge help!
Sweet Potato Casserole in the making
Volunteer Breakfast and snacks! Very important to keep everyone fed! Donation from Starbucks on Racetrack & Nine Eagles!
Herman & Larry held down the kitchen!
Renee shared a beautiful prayer for all of us!
Captain Brenda organizing the family meals
Jaden getting the individual meals ready!
Arnel & Jensen are off for deliveries!