Pack A Sack

The PAS team recently packed for the month of March and what a blessing to be able to pack so many Bags – 444 in all. It’s exciting and overwhelming to prepare for a months’ worth of packing.  It takes a lot of milk, juice, cereal, proteins and snacks to fill that many bags, but because we have so many that continue bring in food items and support us financially we, with a lot of GRACE, manage to find all that we need and more!   Juice boxes/pouches are always needed.

Bridges adopt a month – take a heart program has been an overwhelming success…see photo above.  It is really amazing how big this school turned out for Pack a Sack. Nadia told us that they were a giving group and boy was she right! Such a tremendous blessing and we are GRATEFUL!!! Thank you to Nadia, Jen and all the Bridges families and teachers for showing so much love.

Hawk Walk has been postponed due to Weather. Now scheduled for Wednesday, March 6th. Be in prayer for all these children as they prepare to walk lots and lots of laps to help raise money for their School – Tampa Day School and Pack a Sack. The children donate 20% of everything they raise to a local charity and for the 2nd year in a row, they have chosen Pack a Sack. A big thank you to the Lamont Family for helping raise awareness for our ministry.

Girl Scout cookies…we received 90 orders for cookies…THANK YOU! We had a 2nd Girl Scout troop come forward and donate an additional 17 boxes to PAS for a total of 107, just 4 short of our 111 goal. What a fun treat for all these pack a sack children to get their own box of GS cookies. We’ll make sure Each child gets a box. Again – thank you for all your support.