Word of Encouragement

The two secrets of the parables in Matthew are no longer a secret for us. Jesus is the messiah who dies on the cross for the forgiveness of our sin so that we might have everlasting life. This is the central message of all Christians and all of Christianity and it is the only message that matters eternally. We all need to make a decision about Jesus. Why do people have such a hard time really believing this? And I sometimes wonder why people think they can pretend they believe when they know they do not. Why do that? If it is more important to coach baseball, make money, or sip a margarita than it is to humble yourself to the Lordship of Christ, then why show up once in a while? What is the gain in worshipping two or three times a year? Perhaps the second part of the secret of the parables speaks to this. The messiah is coming back to collect what is His. When He comes, there will be a great separation, a discerning that only Jesus can make. For those who willingly asked God to change them and sought transformation into the likeness of the savior, there awaits a great banquet and a celebration of a soul once lost that found its way home. And quite honestly, for those who spent life running after personal gratification and seeking the rewards of this world, they will have already achieved all they can. There is no more. Jesus says, “I never knew you.” And He shuts the door. The pleasures of this world are indeed attractive and ever so appealing to the short term thinker. Deep inside though, we all recognize that eternity is real and Jesus speaks the truth. Somehow many have allowed their soul to become clouded into thinking an occasional showing up or a check once in a while will appease their guilt before God. Jesus says it does not. The only thing that saves us is that we know HIs voice, we have a relationship with Him. We hear HIs voice and acknowledge HIm as Lord and savior and dedicate our lives to serving Him. If you do not know Jesus as Lord, I invite you to ask Him to make a home in your life. Seek Him; He has been waiting for you to come to your senses. FInd like minded Christians and take this journey to eternity with them.
~Grace & Peace~