Word of Encouragement

Anthony Cruz (Parents: Frank and Kelly) and Charles Idahosa baptized Sunday October 14th.
It is always a wonderful joy to share in the lives of those who get baptized.  This past Sunday, we had a wonderful  chance to experience all that we have been learning in church when we got to share in the baptism of both a baby and an adult.  As a community of faith there is no greater expression of our salvation than baptism.  Our corporate expression for both a baby and an adult affirms our belief that salvation is a gift from God, a result of a decision God made on our behalf before the creation of the world.  Paul says to the Ephesian church “By grace you have been saved through faith.  It is a gift from God not as a result of works lest anyone should boast.”  Ephesians 2:8 The two sacraments we celebrate, baptism and communion, are the greatest reminders God gives us of His love and our gift of salvation through the sacrifice Jesus makes on the cross.  I am so glad so many stayed for the celebration of baptism.