Word of Encouragement

I am beginning to prepare the fall series for Wesley and am excited as I read thru the parables Jesus taught. His incredible gift of taking an everyday item or event and turning it into a spiritual lesson just amazes me. Such depth and purpose in a story. I am looking forward to sharing these with everyone at Wesley. As a way of amplifying what we are learning, we will be forming life groups around the series so we can all grow in faith together. So I want to encourage everyone to be in a life group. There will be a number of groups forming:
Sunday mornings 11 am a middle school group
Sunday mornings a lunch group will meet at Wesley right after the second service and share lunch and the learning together.
Monday mornings 10:00 in the overflow.
Monday evenings a woman’s group at Nadia Nunez-Wood’s home.
Wednesday evenings 6:30 a men’s group meeting in the choir room of the FLC
Wednesday evenings an open group meeting in the FLC

As we roll into August, you will hear more about this on Sunday mornings. Groups will begin the week of August 26 and run through the end of October.

If you would like to learn how to be a facilitator or want to open your home to a group, please let pastor Ernie know. Training in facilitating is available.