Word of Encouragement

I have been reading a couple of books by Jim Putman, pastor of a church in Iowa, and he has helped me begin to see how we will be able to implement a new plan and measure success in a different way. I recommend reading his book REAL LIFE DISCIPLESHIP. I get so encouraged when God sends resources my way to help see the ministry and my work. We are studying Philippians and Paul talks fondly of his ministry in that community. One of the chief reasons he loves them so is that they were willing to work hard to make the church happen in the community. He calls them “partners in the gospel.” Next week a group of 18 of us will be going to a training in Fort Meyers to learn how to implement a discipleship process known as “Real Life Discipleship.” As I have read about this process, it sounds so much like what has historically been successful here at Wesley. I am thankful for the folks who are willing to work hard to make Wesley successful. Please be in prayer for them. It is critical that we all know what is most important. Jesus makes our mission clear. We are to make disciples of Jesus. Everything we do is all about making disciples of Jesus and giving disciples a chance to witness to the world that Jesus is Lord. Our work in the homeless ministry, Pack a Sack, Cold weather shelter, Bridges, Promiseland, youth ministry, Sunday morning worship, free yard sale, quilting, crafts, Thanksgiving meals, everything should push forward our goal of making disciples of Jesus. And every person who wants Wesley to be successful needs to be a partner in this mission. We all need to be on board, making disciples together for Jesus. Every person has a place and a call and every ministry needs passionate people. We will be challenging people to step up this summer and giving you a chance to know how you can contribute in the work of the kingdom. Be ready to say yes!

~Grace & Peace~
Pastor Ernie