Word of Encouragement

On June 22 and 23, 20 leaders from Wesley will be attending leadership training in Fort Meyers to encourage us and help us learn about Real Life Discipleship. Be in prayer for the leaders: Brad and Ali Hubbard, Steve and Lesley Holroyd, Leslie Berlin, James Pearson, Amy Dissler, Marilyn Preston, Rene and Pete Kincaid, Lester Pineda, Larry and Nadia (soon to be Wood), Bob and Jean Rowe, Iraeda Malpica, Jennifer Foster, Connie Pruitt, Brenda and Ernie Post. When we return, we will be having a commissioning service for the leadership and be launching our 20/20 vision, sharing the exciting work of God with the congregation. I am sensing a strong movement of God here at Wesley and a time of renewal and refreshment. As your pastor I want you to know how encouraging it is to me to be a part of such a fresh movement of God in the church. Each step along the way, God has affirmed our desire to make a difference and walk into the future with this new mission.

“Disciples who make disciples” will help us keep our focus on making a difference for others and push us to always be preparing someone else for tomorrow in their walk with Jesus. I am excited to see where God takes this leadership team. As always, I love being your pastor.

~Grace & Peace~
Pastor Ernie