Pack A Sack Update

Blessings Overflowing

God continues to bless this ministry and we are now up to 111 children per week. We consider it a blessing to be able to help these children in need. With more children comes a lot more need on our end as well.

We continue to pray for another corporate sponsor or a one time donor. With 111 children it requires around $1,200/month even with food donations. Maybe you could consider just helping with the rest of the school year, which is 3 more months – it would be a tremendous blessing!

We are overwhelmed with Bridges Preschool as they have “adopted” PAS for the month of February. You may have seen the hearts taped to the walls around the school. It’s a grab a heart month at Bridges and the parents have really done a beautiful job with food donations. They are collecting food all month.  A Bridges section has been setup in the Pack a Sack room. It is overwhelming and JOYFUL to see what they have done in support of this ministry. If we’re in there when you walk by, pop in so we can share with you all they have done. It has been fun to partner with Nadia, Jen and the Bridges community. From the bottom of our HEARTS, we thank you!

We continue to work with the Girl Scouts (Please don’t forget to order cookies so we have enough to give each PAS child a box of cookies…), Community Montessori continues to do their food collections, and we’re gearing up for another FANTASTIC Hawk Walk with Tampa Day School. It takes all these wonderful partners to help this ministry reach far and wide.

On behalf of all the PAS volunteers, thank you for your prayers and support!